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Chinese cuisine: Recipes


Chinese food takeout menus may be your go-to on busy evenings or late nights, but instead of throwing money away on takeout, you can easily make traditional Chinese food recipes at home! The Editors have compiled our best Chinese recipes in this collection of Takeout Dishes to Make at Home: Easy Chinese Recipes. Whether your weakness is Beef and Broccoli or Shrimp Fried Rice, these are traditional Chinese food recipes made simple with our app quick and easy cooking philosophy!App Chinese cuisine: Recipes has many popular recipes. Those are as follows:Szechwan ShrimpKung Pao ChickenSweet and Sour Chicken ISweet and Sour Pork IIIRestaurant Style Beef and BroccoliHoney Walnut ShrimpChinese Chicken Salad IIIChinese Pepper SteakWonton SoupChinese Chicken Fried Rice IPork DumplingsEgg Drop Soup IIVegetable Lo MeinHong Kong Style Egg TartsChinese Restaurant Almond CookiesCrab Rangoon ISzechuan BeefChinese Style Sesame SauceChinese Fried NoodlesChinese Noodle ChickenShrimp with Lobster SauceChinese Cold Pasta SaladMa Po TofuMongolian Beef IIChinese-Style Broccoli SaladChinese Cabbage Salad IIBeefy Chinese DumplingsEasy Chinese Corn SoupChicken and Chinese Vegetable Stir-FryChinese Roast PorkChinese SpareribsMoo Goo Gai PanChinese Green Bean Stir-FryHong Kong Sweet and Sour PorkChinese-Style Baby Bok Choy with Mushroom SauceSpicy Pork Stir-FryChinese Pork TenderloinGreen Onion CakesChinese Chicken WingsMoo Goo Gai Pan IIChicken with Green Peppers in Black Bean SaucePot Stickers (Chinese Dumplings)Chinese Shrimp and Tofu SoupChinese Chicken SaladHoney Milk Tea - Hong Kong StyleChinese Steamed CakeChinese BroccoliChinese Chicken Casserole SurpriseEgg Foo Yung with Mushroom SauceSpring Asparagus SaladCold Szechuan Noodles and Shredded VegetablesSuper Easy Stir-Fried CabbageChinese Restaurant-Style Sesame ChickenHot and Sour Soup with TofuHot and Sour Tofu Soup (Suan La Dofu Tang)Chinese Barbequed SpareribsTaiwanese-Style Three Cup ChickenEasy Shrimp Lo MeinStir-Fried Mushrooms with Baby CornChinese Tea Leaf EggsChinese Sweet Bun DoughChar Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork)One-Egg Egg Drop SoupChinese Steamed Buns with Meat FillingChinese-Style Steamed FishChinese Peppered Green BeansChinese Take-Out Shrimp with GarlicSingapore NoodlesHot and Sour Soup with Bean SproutsSpicy Chinese Chicken WingsCantonese Lean Pork CongeeHunan-Style ChickenGinger Chicken with CashewsWonton Soup With A KickChinese Braised Spare RibsChinese Style Ground Pork and TofuChicken and Cold Noodles with Spicy SauceChinese Scallion PancakesAuthentic Chinese Steamed FishMu Shu PorkOrange-Chicken Rice BowlChinese Chicken and Potato SoupChinese Chicken Rice SaladShandong Chinese ChickenCrispy Baked GauCrispy Chinese Noodles with Eggplant and PeanutsHe Jia Tuan Yuan (Tofu Ball Soup for Lunar Chinese New Year)Chicken Yum-YumsChinese New Year Turnip CakeSteamed Garlic Prawns Chinese-StylePork Wonton SoupChinese Tomato and EggSweet and Sour PastaDuck SauceSimple and Tasty Chinese Steamed BunsChina Sun ChickenMy World Famous Pressure Cooker Chinese RibsFun Karnal (Beef and Broccoli)Oriental Tea Leaf EggsFiery Pepper ChickenChinese Clay Pot Rice with ChickenChinese Sausage Fried RiceChar Siu PorkShrimp StirfryChinese Corn SoupChinese Pearl MeatballsScallops a la Peking HouseChinese New Year Sweet RiceCitrus CarpChinese Ham StewChinese Chicken Salad IAnise Wine ChickenChicken Jook with Lots of VegetablesHunan Peppered PorkHong Kong Walnut Sweet SoupDuck Fried RiceHot and Sour White CabbagePork and Bamboo ShootsTraditional Chinese Steamed Cake (Fa Gao)8 TreasuresChinese Clay Pot Chicken RiceRazor Clam in Sha Cha SauceChinese Yam PuddingThanksgiving Turkey CongeeWife Pastry (Lo Po Bang)Simple Char Siu Pork Marinade